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Product Name : Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery, ER batteries
Model No : ER10450, ER13150, ER13170, ER14250, ER14335, ER14505, ER17335, ER18505, ER20505, ER26500, ER34070, ER34100, ER34615, ER9V
Brand Name :  OEM Brand, industrial types
Colour : OEM Develop
Size : 91mm x 131mm x 33mm
Specification :
  • Long storage life, a proven ability to be shelved 10 years at normal room temperature
  • Stable output voltage, steady discharge performance, high reliability and safety during extended operating lives
  • Hermetically-sealed structure, environmentally friendly, with no poison and no pollution
  • Wide temperature range of -55°C to 85°C
  • High voltage (3.6V), be used in various applications
  • High energy densities, compatible with many devices
  • Excellent quick pulse-discharge, able to instantaneously provide multiplied pulse or heavy current pulse
  • Major applications: Water meter, ammeter, gas meter and intelligent IC meter, camera, computer etc.