About the Bike & BMS

FEB-01 Driving Range

- I drove the bike for 6 days not charging, 6 times between home and office, 2 times to shopping, 5 times carry my son and me to wonder around.


- I can feel the driving power went down in last 1 km.


- It is better to add a power meter.

How long FEB-01 Last

- I driven 5 days no stop last time. It works.


- If I don't drive, last time I put in warehouse for a year, it still have 90% charge. No bad.



 COST of driving

- In Hong Kong, the cost of electric is around US0.13 /KWh. We charge the battery of around 300Wh, with efficiency concerned, it is around US0.065 per week of use, let say 30km distance. There is no need to concern cost actually.







- I am 90 kg, My son is 30kg. We ride on the bike, while my son standing at the front bar. The car goes without any problem. We feel the high thrust provided.


- If it can be redesigned to carry elder people, no need driving skill, that will be excellent!


- Make it lighter, the better. I think it can down weight to 10 kgs.


- A key lock to turn on and off the car, and turn the handle to control the speed. It is very easy. I can drive the speed of slow people walking and also can go up to top speed.


- I can ask for control of upper speed limit.


- I can ask for provide power only at paddling.  That is power assist type.




- Just plug and leave it along. The battery will be full and charge stopped.


- I can leave the charger and bike for the season.


- Charge time depends. If battery is empty, I think 6-8 hrs will be full.


- I better ask for carry my battery home only. That means I can take the battery from the bike and carry it to any place for charging. It is light.

 Short Circuit

- I accidentally short the battery. O, thanks god, it is fine. It is protected. There is no problem except a spark.

  That is great!




Other Applications

- I have battery in my back. I don't worry for any other matters.


- I will ask Jeff Power to make it a power bank for charging mobile phone, emergency light, mini- HiFi system, and Jump starter for my car also. Isn't it great?