Megacell Ni-Alkaline Battery

What the characteristics of Ni-Alkaline Battery?

Ni-Alkaline is latest developed technology of NiMH batteries, which has extremely low self-discharge characteristics and standby for use over years after charge. It can completely replace Alkaline battery in all applications but with stronger power, more energy and recharge over 1000cycles.

Why Ni-Alkaline Battery so Cheap as US0.002per use?

Standard Alkaline Batteries cost around US0.2/cell but only use one time. Megacell Ni-Alkaline battery can recharge over 1000 cycles, for only US2.0 per cell, an average of US0.002/cell/use. In compare with standard Alkaline battery, it is 100times cheaper.

How many sizes and what is the capacity?


AA 2100mAh and

AAA 800mAh are available.

Any Cross Reference of this battery?

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