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Factory news

Quality Scheme is enforced.


Smart Power Products is in progress.


The World is more alert of the environmental problems. The New power supply and management products are in keen demand. The professional solution is the demand. We canl fulfill the needs. Co-development with customers and quality control are primary objectives for us.

Confirm the actual needs of our customers.

Fulfill the needs through integration of professional know-how, R&D,  quality control, sourcing, and production.


Jeff Power is a company delicate to provide good Service, Technical Support and Power products for its customers. Key products include Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery, Nickel Cadmium Battery, Lithium Polymer Battery, Alkaline Battery, Heavy Duty Battery, Coin Cells, Charger for power packs, Charger for single cells and Electronics Equipments. Continues R&D to complete ECO products is a must.

Jeff Power Batteries are chasing for Reliable quality and yet reasonable cost. High Capacity,
Ultra Low self-discharge, Extreme Power, Tailor Made Sizes and Tailor Made Assembly are the special gift for its customers.


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